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US-8790509-B2: Process for the treatment of crude oil, process for the separation of a water-in-oil hydrocarbon emulsion and apparatus for implementing the same patent, US-8823446-B2: Current mirror with immunity for the variation of threshold voltage and the generation method thereof patent, US-8849479-B2: Method and device for automatically estimating an airspeed of an aircraft patent, US-8858295-B2: Mammography brassiere patent, US-8861602-B2: Motion vector reconstruction in an entropy decoder patent, US-8893124-B2: Method, apparatus and system for limiting access to virtualization information in a memory patent, US-8896920-B2: Reflective polarizer including grids with nanoparticles and resin material patent, US-8907576-B2: Linear bypass electrical circuit for driving LED strings patent, US-8912942-B2: Successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converter (SAR ADC) and method thereof patent, US-8921723-B2: Slide switch patent, US-8929546-B2: Motion-based authentication for a gesture-based computing device patent, US-8935448-B2: Computer realizing high-speed access and data protection of storage device, computer system, and I/O request processing method patent, US-8942665-B2: Enhancements to IP multimedia subsystems (IMS) emergency services architecture patent, US-8952958-B1: Stereoscopic computer-animation techniques based on perceptual constraints patent, US-9001587-B2: Flash memory and reading method of flash memory patent, US-9004964-B2: Activation and deactivation assembly for an electric outboard motor patent, US-9011281-B2: Ammunition delivery system arrowhead and method of use patent, US-9027224-B2: Methods and devices for installing tank liners and gaskets patent, US-9036062-B2: Solid-state image pickup device, signal processing method for the same, and image pickup apparatus using the same patent, US-9041858-B2: Image photographing apparatus having a slidable shutter assembly patent, US-9046014-B2: Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine patent, US-4346395-A: Light detecting photodiode-MIS transistor device patent, US-9050222-B2: Incontinence brief patent, US-9103709-B2: Optical switch system for a prover patent, US-9132647-B2: Liquid ejection head and fabricating method therefor patent, US-9148155-B1: Clock distribution architecture for integrated circuit patent, US-9163701-B2: Gear transmission device and image forming apparatus including the same patent, US-9211517-B2: Catalyst retainer for radial flow reactor patent, US-9219253-B2: Method for manufacturing organic EL display device patent, US-9227581-B1: Vehicle power distribution system with extended storage capabilities patent, US-9233864-B2: Systems and methods for achieving partial nitrification in a biological nitrogen removal reactor patent, US-9257405-B2: Multi-solder techniques and configurations for integrated circuit package assembly patent, US-9272409-B2: Combinatorial objects formed by parts folding into pocket-knife like enclosures patent, US-9290779-B1: Transfection compositions using amphipathic compounds patent, US-9298892-B2: Terminal apparatus and method for playing multimedia content encrypted based on DRM patent, US-9300353-B1: Start of frame delimiter in a communication packet patent, US-9309699-B2: Latch device patent, US-9320265-B2: Bee feeders and bee feeding systems for bee colonies patent, US-9326040-B2: Data application providing server, broadcasting server and receiver for dynamically processing data application and digital broadcasting system including the same patent, US-9389566-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-9389662-B2: Rectifier circuit and powered device patent, US-9390623-B2: Time analysis at a banking system controlled by data bearing records patent, US-9392794-B2: Odor eliminating solution patent, US-9418977-B2: Package-on-package semiconductor device patent, US-9480221-B2: Variety corn line IID3422 patent, US-9488400-B2: System for managing lubricant levels in tandem compressor assemblies of an HVAC system patent, US-9491584-B1: Hospitality venue navigation, guide, and local based services applications utilizing RF beacons patent, US-9510076-B2: Waterproof earphone structure patent, US-9535150-B1: Method for calibrating a cable and respective measuring device patent, US-9540188-B1: Pharmaceutical vial processing system and method patent, US-9551374-B2: Crankshaft patent, US-9627377-B2: Self-aligned dielectric isolation for FinFET devices patent, US-9633696-B1: Systems and methods for automatically synchronizing media to derived content patent, US-9642928-B1: Personalized air freshener system patent, US-9653881-B2: Method for testing tunable wavelength laser device and tunable wavelength laser device patent, US-9668055-B2: Portable recorder patent, US-9684157-B2: Projection zoom lens and projection type display device patent, US-9703548-B2: Application server and computer readable storage medium for generating project specific configuration data patent, US-9718858-B2: Tunable control of protein degradation in synthetic and endogenous bacterial systems patent, US-9726658-B2: Display device, display method, and display program used in measurement system patent, US-9739768-B2: Methods and reagents for improved selection of biological materials patent, US-9750012-B2: Method and apparatus for subframe configuration and generation in a multi-carrier communication system patent, US-9751756-B2: Method and system for CMOS based MEMS bump stop contact damage prevention patent, US-9809634-B2: Composition comprising branched multipeptide vaccine and vaccine comprising the same patent, US-9851865-B2: Method for managing application and electronic device thereof patent, US-9871078-B2: Memory arrays and methods of forming memory arrays patent, US-D368133-S: Tub for bathing patent, US-D425083-S: Miter saw patent, US-D439486-S: Square drive wrench having angled head patent, US-D474569-S: Hood portion of a floor care appliance patent, US-D485004-S: Motion lamp patent, US-D671405-S: Box patent, US-D699952-S: Vanity mirror patent, US-D702318-S: Water filter housing patent, US-D720700-S: Banana plug adapter patent, US-D754104-S: Loudspeaker patent, US-D759734-S: Container for refrigerator patent, US-D770250-S: Compact wrench incorporating a carabiner clip patent, US-D795190-S: Power adapter patent, US-D803223-S: Acoustic door patent, US-RE29205-E: Press for hydrostatic extrusion of tubes patent, US-8593780-B2: Substrate removing method and storage medium patent, US-8643797-B2: Liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-8647595-B2: Method for separating radioactive copper using chelating-ion exchange resin patent, US-8692311-B2: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-8711618-B2: Method for programming non-volatile memory device and apparatuses performing the method patent, US-8718350-B2: Computerized methods for tissue analysis patent, US-8742013-B2: Synthesis of lipoamide-grafted high molecular compound and method therefor patent, US-8767128-B2: Image display device and method for adjusting correction data in look-up table patent, US-8840505-B2: Hydraulic controls for an automatic transmission patent, US-8864468-B1: Turbine stator vane with root turn purge air hole patent, US-8886615-B2: Web service performance optimization by adaptively using compression patent, US-8891983-B2: Image forming apparatus having waste developer control patent, US-8894742-B2: Hybrid operating apparatus of regenerative heater and hybrid operating method of regenerative heater patent, US-8905525-B2: Timing detection device, and driving device and image forming apparatus with the same patent, US-8930547-B2: Techniques for achieving storage and network isolation in a cloud storage environment patent, US-8933875-B2: Velocity stabilization for accelerometer based input devices patent, US-8941187-B2: Strain engineering in three-dimensional transistors based on strained isolation material patent, US-8981125-B2: Method for preparing 1,3,5-trioxane patent, US-8994742-B2: Systems and methods for seam resolution patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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